Our Events

Trunk or Treat

Members of the congregation line up their cars, open their trunks and pass out candy to neighborhood children on Halloween.  Along with the candy we pass out information about our church and an invitation to worship with us.  How “sweet” it is to hear the Good News.  We will post this on our calendar.

Neighborhood Canvassing

Because of the extreme summer heat here in Goodyear, we do our canvassing in the winter months.  There is a drawback to that because of the short daylight hours.  We have to canvass in the evenings and only have about 1½ hours of daylight each week day.  This is where many hands make light work!  Sometimes we hang information and invitations for upcoming events.  Sometimes we talk personally with neighbors and introduce our church.

Fun Day Camps

We offer Christmas for Kids on a Saturday in December and we offer Easter for Kids on the Saturday before Palm Sunday.  Since outreach is most successful when we reach out to friends and family, we encourage our member children to bring a friend or family member who doesn’t know Jesus.  We also advertise in our local newspaper to invite our community.  We will post these events on our calendar.

Easter for Kids Picnic

This picnic and Easter egg hunt is held for the parents of the children who attended Easter for Kids and the families who helped with Easter for Kids.  The picnic takes place on the same day as Easter for Kids at 11:30 AM.  It is our hope that guests will become more familiar with our church and get to know some of its members.