New Here?

You don't know us--but we want to meet you. We know you want to get to know us a little bit before you join us on a Sunday morning (9am). So here's our quick bio:

We're a new congregation. We began worshipping in June 2013. We have a new pastor with a young family. Whether you've been a church-goer your whole life or never been before, there's room for you. We like to meet new people. 

We're a Gospel church. No self-help sermons here. You won't leave with a list of things to do or an extra scoop of guilt on your already full plate. We don't pump you up on Sunday only to watch you fall flat by Monday. You and I make lousy saviors, so we need Jesus. Our church is centered on the Gospel (good news) of the finished work of Jesus Christ. That doesn't mean the weekly message is impractical, but our focus is on what Jesus did for us. Thirsty people need refreshment, not a reminder that they should've planned more or followed through better. Jesus is refreshing truth for thirsty people. 

We're a friendly group. Because we're an easygoing group, when you visit, you will be welcomed. Hug or handshake, it's totally up to you. We'll try hard not to be too forward. You'll have to forgive us, we're excited you joined us!

We're a family. Families live, eat, worship, and work shoulder-to-shoulder. River of Life is a family just like yours. Children sing praises next to parents and grandparents.

We're a part of bigger church body. So often what a church believes and does hinges on one person--the pastor. River of Life is different. We are a church planted by the Wisconsin Synod and our Board for Home Missions. What River of Life believes, teaches, and practices is clearly communicated in the Book of Concord

We treasure truth & value people. We don't pretend to be something we're not--family always knows the truth. We are sinful people. We don't have everything in life running on all cylinders. We make mistakes. We fail. We grow weary and tired. But we bring all those things to Jesus and he takes our all our sins and shortcomings to the cross and gives us his love, peace, and strength for living. To us, you are more than what you have done, are doing now, or might someday do. In Christ, you are a treasure; valuable to God and to us. 

We want to get to know you. Maybe you're looking for more answers. Maybe you're not even sure exactly what you're looking for in a church. We got a person to talk you through all that--Pastor Lincoln Albrecht. He would be happy to hear from you and help.  Contact him at or (623) 312.8650